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6 Red Rose mixed with 2 Sunflower and Baby Breath hand bouquet.

Gifting it to a partner can convey your feelings of undying love, admiration, and loyalty. For a friend or family member, it can showcase your mutual respect, happiness, adoration, and can be a symbol of a life-long friendship and platonic love. It can be great for encouraging someone going through hard times since these blooms also represent courage, strength, and good luck.

WVV15-Rose In Boxes

  • 6 mixed Roses are among the most desired flowers in the world, and it’s for a good reason too. These flowers arrive in a  box.  This box of flowers is ideal for an anniversary, romantic occasion, or a special birthday. These flowers give you the perfect way to celebrate for this special Valentine’s Day .
  • Size : 34cm (L) x 8.5(M) x 8.5(H)


  • Mixed Rose with Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Bouquet

WVV25-Boxes In Love


20 Red Rose inside the boxes , send her special gifts foe this Valentine’s Day